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At Virtual Words, we don’t just take a translation order; our experienced staff draws on their keen expertise in business, marketing and languages to advise you on how to best accomplish your goals … with 24-hour service for faster time to market and always with an eye on your bottom line. Our global offices mean you never have to look at the clock to see if we’re open. If you’re ready for business, then so are we.

Sample clients

Virtual Words Translation Client, Mining Industry: Anglogold AshantiVirtual Words Translations Client, Mining industry: AngloGold AshantiVirtual Words Translations Client, Mining industry: AngloGold Ashanti

Virtual Words Translation Client: Healthcare industryVirtual Words Translations, Apparel industry: ATG Gloves

Virtual Words Translations Client, Film industry: Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival


 Virtual Words Translations, Cable Telecommunications industry: Comcast  Virtual Words Translations, Healthcare industry: Cordis Johnson & Johnson Virtual Words Translations, Engineering Technology industry: Eaton 
 Virtual Words Translations, Association Oil & Gas Petrolium industry: Europia  Virtual Words Translations, Automotive industry: Fiat  Virtual Words Translations, Television Entertainment industry: KNTV
 Virtual Words Translations, Advertising industry: Leo Burnett  Virtual Words Translations, Cosmetics industry: L'Oréal Virtual Words Translations, Technology industry: NCR 
 Virtual Words Translations, Real estate industry: Re/Max  Virtual Words Translations, Consulting industry: Roland Berger Strategy Consultants  Virtual Words Translations, Space Applications Technology industry: SpaceTec Partners
 Virtual Words Translations, IT Solutions Technology industry: Systemat  Virtual Words Translations, Food and Beverage industry: Which Wich? Virtual Words Translations, International Business Trade Association industry: World Trade Center Denver 


  • Virtual Words client: Leo Burnett

  • Virtual Words client: NCR

  • “We were so pleased with our local Japanese interpreter!”

  • Virtual Words client: AngloGold Ashanti

  • “This is the best technical translation my reviewer has ever seen!”

  • Virtual Words client: Comcast

  • Virtual Words client: Eaton Corporation

  • “Virtual Words has done a tremendous job translating our brochures & visuals into Spanish and Russian.”

  • Virtual Words client: Caritas Internationalis

  • Virtual Words client: Cordis

  •  “My next translation project will definitely be with Virtual Words!”

  •  Virtual Words client: Twestival



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