• Chinese website localization
  • Teletubbies TV voiceover adaptation into French
  • SEO keywords PPC translation adaptation into French German Dutch
  • House TV trailer translation adaptation into French
  • Translation and DTP production into French of Logitech online product brochure
  • Advertisement transcreation cultural adaptation of Fiat M500 brochure



The Tower of Babel

Knowing the right translation is the bridge that connects people. The importance of the quality of language translation can vary greatly from one project to another.

For example, would you invest as much to translate user-generated content such as blogs, FaceBook or Twitter posts as you would your company’s official website? Probably not. On the one hand, the potential volume can be so high that standard translation processes would simply not make sense. On the other hand, “human” quality may not even be necessary.

Quality is great. But what is its value?

We work with our clients to find the ideal level of service that makes sense for both their budget and communications needs. That’s why we offer 4 levels of language service:

  • Gisting. This service is ideal for times when Google Translate or Babelfish are enough, but you need assurance there are no gross errors or mistranslations that can tarnish your brand. This service includes machine translation plus a human audit by a native speaker.

  • Translation. This is our standard language level for content such as legal contracts, user manuals, or press releases to name a few. This service includes human translation and QA by an industry-specialized language team, using computer-aided translation tools for maximum efficiency.

  • Cultural Adaptation (also called Transcreation). This is where we have some fun! Cultural adaptation is best suited for projects like advertising slogans and marketing campaigns where customer engagement and cultural relevance are key. We take the original concept and message, and adapt it to the new target audience based on key demographics and cultural relevance. Fear not the Chevy Nova syndrome, we'll keep you out of hot water.

  • Crowdsourcing. A custom service, our translation crowdsourcing solution is most suited to nonprofit organizations who want to leverage the volunteer language skills of members and associates, or online services with a highly-engaged consumer base. This solution entails recruitment and management of volunteers, development of workflow systems, and continuing quality control. 

  • Virtual Words client: Leo Burnett

  • Virtual Words client: NCR

  • “We were so pleased with our local Japanese interpreter!”

  • Virtual Words client: AngloGold Ashanti

  • “This is the best technical translation my reviewer has ever seen!”

  • Virtual Words client: Comcast

  • Virtual Words client: Eaton Corporation

  • “Virtual Words has done a tremendous job translating our brochures & visuals into Spanish and Russian.”

  • Virtual Words client: Caritas Internationalis

  • Virtual Words client: Cordis

  •  “My next translation project will definitely be with Virtual Words!”

  •  Virtual Words client: Twestival



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